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Metis calculates the accrued interest daily and applies to your account on a daily basis.

The formula is as follows.

  1. APR calculation: APR = ((1+APY)^(1/365)-1)*365

  2. Daily compound interest: DCI = APR/365

  3. Subscription interest: Interest = DepositAmount*((1+DailyCompound)^SubscriptionProgram)


If you have activated a Bitcoin HODL 90 account with 5% fixed interest and you deposited 1 Bitcoin then after three months (90days) at maturity you will have 1.01210311 Bitcoin.

👉 The interest on the accounts is accrued daily and applied daily, therefore it is compounding.

Please note that this example assumes no withdrawals, additional deposits or activation of other higher fixed rate HODL accounts.