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Metis has developed multiple distinct offerings for yield-generating accounts. HODLers* earn fixed interest in crypto on their crypto by lending directly (peer-to-peer) at a slightly higher rate, to selected, rigorously vetted, institutional and sophisticated borrowers who have established track records. This rate comprises a larger portion, which is returned to our users as interest, and a smaller amount which covers our operational costs and allows us to improve our products for our users.

It is the first step towards building crypto wealth. By using the HODL accounts, you will earn passively at a fixed predictable rate, and compound yield for your desired duration. There are no hidden fees and you start accruing within 24 hours without ever needing to sell your crypto.

You can easily subscribe to your preferred HODL account provided by Metis in collaboration with the vetted institutional borrowers by going to HODL > Choose to activate your preferred program and asset.

Interest is accrued to the account within 24 hours of the subscription and is payable at the maturity of each program 📅