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Metis conducts an analysis of the borrower to determine credit quality and ensure adequate credit support exists for the benefit of the lenders. It is critically important to understand the financial capabilities of our borrowers both in a normal and stressed environment due to a potential downside scenario.

It is required that the borrower present evidence to support this attestation in the form of financial statements or other similar documentation. In addition to these credit statistics, Metis will ask the borrower a range of qualitative questions that are equally important such as legal jurisdiction, hedging strategies, history of corporate restructurings and other critical inputs to the analysis. Together, this information will provide for an assessed qualified credit score that meets the highest level of the product credit standards.

The borrowers are required to maintain credit compliance during the term of the loan by periodically updating the analysis with Metis which may result in a credit score change and in the event of deteriorating financial condition an acceleration of the outstanding loan balance. Metis performs a good faith, equitable credit review bringing best-in-class borrowers to the platform. All information provided by the borrowers for the purpose of the credit review remains strictly confidential and in the sole possession of Metis.