Written by WithMetis

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WithMetis supports the following payment methods for European customers in a supported country.

Note: WithMetis currently does not accept physical checks or bill pay as a payment method to purchase crypto assets or to add funds to a user’s balance. Checks will be returned to the sender upon receipt via mail, provided a mailing address is present. And as a reminder, WithMetis customers can only have one personal or corporate account.

What is a SEPA transfer?

Bank transfers made via SEPA are used to send payments denominated in Euros within the Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA transfers have no fees and can only be denominated in EUR. Please note that SEPA transfers only process on business days and can take up to 7 calendar days if sent over a weekend or bank holiday.

Checklist for SEPA Success

1.Confirm that your bank supports SEPA transfers before sending funds.

2.Have a verified profile on your WithMetis account.

3.Ensure the name on your bank account matches the name on your WithMetis account. Corporate or institutional bank accounts are not supported unless you have completed our corporate onboarding process.

4.Verify your bank account. Before adding funds, visit Settings -> Banking and enter your bank account details in order to whitelist it. You will use the information provided to add funds for an initial verification transaction.

5.Include your unique reference code in your bank transfer EXACTLY as it appears. No spaces or additional text please.

6.Only add funds denominated in EUR. SEPA transfers only support adding funds in EUR.

7.Add funds of at least €10 for verification. If your bank transfer is successful, this transaction will be credited to your EUR balance and your linked bank account will be automatically verified for adding funds.

Note: WithMetis partners with a Swedish bank. To ensure the IBAN is correct, please select Sweden and not Lithuania as the country when sending deposits.